Vision & Mission

Patria Digitalis is a non-profit cooperative of Free Open Users (FOUs). We are human users, customers of our digital services, members and owners of our cooperative.

Our vision is an interconnected digital world of humans and machines based on libertyself-determination, freedom of expression, privacy, diversity, tolerance, innovation, responsibility, transparencyopen standards, open knowledge, collaboration, competition, democracy, debates, and respect.

Our mission is to create together with designers and developers  human-centric digital services enabling us – the users – to decide on our digital life (identity, data, relations, intelligence).

Patria Digitalis is an Open Application Service Provider (OASP), offering to members and customers digital services that are secure, fully under control of users and based on FOSS technologies and sustainable user-driven business models. All services will be tested and certified by Patria Digitalis.

We are building a human-centric social network based on a novel relationship management concept, open-standards and peer-to-peer technology. Our first service will be launched in 2017.

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Chris Burkhard

Board Member
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Aarno Aukia

Founder & CTO of VSHN
Founder & Board Member of CommunityRack

Dr. René Huber

Former Data Protection Commissioner of Zug
Founder of Recht + Informatik

Roland Wismer

Auditor of Patria Digitalis
Member of the Culture Committee, City of Zug

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